ESDM Online facilitates online learning from 1:1 coaching sessions and video sharing to group classes and workshop for parents and early childhood professionals with authorized continuing education units for BACBs. 

ESDM Online recognizes the knowledge and ideas that adults as learners bring to the learning relationship and works to create a safe, positive learning experience that supports practice and progress toward defined goals. 
In-person ESDM is now available to families living in/near Toronto, Canada.

Hourly coaching sessions are offered in 6 or 12-week blocks to families with children up to 60 months (or 5 years) of age at our office located at 18 Wynford Drive, Suite 706, Toronto, ON M3C 3S2.
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Free Initial Consultation

ESDM Online services range from live coaching and group workshops to video feedback, free resources, and much more. Schedule a one-hour Zoom video call with Laurie at no charge to discuss which ESDM Online service can support your learning preferences and goals with the ESDM.
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What People are Saying about ESDM Online

"I liked the openness and readiness of helping and the good explanation and ideas of what activities to propose and how [to do them]. Thanks!" 
Provider- February 15, 2024

"Laurie was empathetic and knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to working with her." 
Mother- December 07, 2023

"Meetings with Laurie are very calming. She answers all of my questions. Thank you very much!"
Provider- September 22, 2023

"Dr. Vismara is wonderful at helping families. She is dedicated, an expert, amazing listener, and provides reassurance to anxious families." 
Father- August 11, 2023

"I am so grateful to have a consultation with Laurie. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from a top professional in the world. Thank you, Laurie!"
Provider- June 15, 2023

"If you want to be heard, understood, reasoned with about your child's development and (behavioral) interventions, I would encourage you to reach out to Dr. Vismara. After a 30-minute consultation, I feel more confident in navigating suitable next steps."
Mother- April 27, 2023

"Laurie gave me warm, kind, and professional support during our ESDM Professional Development session."
Provider- February 01, 2023

"Laurie explained the Introductory ESDM Parent Coaching Workshop very well and made the information easy to understand. I am new to the ESDM so it helps a lot."
Provider- September 09, 2022

"Laurie welcomed me with great kindness. She was attentive to my questions and tried to offer several solutions that best suit my situation. She gave me practical ideas that introduced me to the ESDM and help me every day."
Mother- August 27, 2022

"I completed the ESDM Advanced Workshop and therapist certification with Laurie and what an amazing experience they both were! The format of the workshop, the materials, and the practice provided by Laurie were carefully thought out and allowed me to start the therapist certification process with confidence. Laurie is extremely passionate about the ESDM, which was evident in the support she provided to each individual (in the group) and the care she took to help us reach our individual goals. The certification process challenged my skills as a therapist, but Laurie fostered a safe space to learn and grow in my skills. Through every step of the certification process, our strengths were acknowledged and areas where we needed more practice were cultivated through practice and thoughtful feedback from Laurie. I feel extremely privileged to have Laurie's support and to learn from her. I have grown in my skills and am a better therapist because of it. I would not hesitate to recommend the ESDM Advanced Workshop and therapist certification process with Laurie for anyone looking to grow skills as a therapist using the ESDM."
Provider- September 23, 2021
"I took the ESDM Advanced Workshop and completed my ESDM therapist certification with Laurie. She is incredibly passionate about the ESDM, which showed in the thoughtful materials and presentations she gave us, helping each of us in the group to reach our individual goals. Becoming certified was a very challenging process, stretching my skills and requiring some vulnerability and Laurie was extremely supportive, making a safe space to share and receive feedback. It felt like she was not only my teacher, but my partner. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest taking the Advanced Workshop and certification with Laurie to anyone who wants to become a certified ESDM therapist and increase their knowledge and confidence in providing ESDM programming. 
Provider- September 17, 2021

"It was only day one, but I loved every minute of Laurie's workshop. She opened my eyes to new perspectives. The workshop reinvigorated my appreciation and joy found within the potential of ESDM for children and their families. I am looking forward to what the rest of the workshop brings!"
Provider- August 18, 2021

"The distinctions in this Parent Group eClass were invaluable. The 'how to' implement these teachings is what is missing from most teachings. To drill down into the detail is so important. Loved this topic!"
Father-June 26, 2021

"Laurie listens well to the parents' concerns and makes sure she addresses them and is very perceptive and professional with her approach. Also she is very creative always finding ways in which to help better engage with our child. As a result the progress has been monumental!"
March 18, 2021

"Professional clinician, very practical strategies."
Provider-February 22, 2021

"The Parent Group eClass was a well summed up, condensed version of the therapy techniques that I’ve learned from Laurie over the last couple of years and I believe it’s a really important piece of learning to engage with our children. Whether the child struggles with ASD or not, it’s monumental for us as adults to just be able to relate to our children too! Thank you, Laurie! I so appreciate the slide show as for reference too! The way you help describe is also what gives it its value! I truly believe that ALL parents could benefit from the instructions if put into practice!"
Mother- February 20, 2021

"Really felt that the Parent Group eClass content was exceptional. Loved the topic, and Laurie's expertise regarding detail is unmatched."
Father- December 20, 2020

"Thanks for providing such a unique and informative learning opportunity! I love how you were able to ensure that everyone got something out of the workshop, and were able to help us make connections amongst ourselves."
Mother- October 26, 2020

"As always, it is great how Dr. Vismara, via Zoom is able to capture the essence of moments and problems we describe and help come up with the most amazing and appropriate strategies to help our child overcome those problems."
Mother- October 14, 2020

"Thank you Laurie for the informative and individualized workshop. I always appreciate your expertise and professionalism. I feel I have a much better understanding of the topic and of my plan for continuing to progress my career goals in ESDM following our session."
Provider- July 29, 2020


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